We opened up for the public with the release of our first kannada T shirt for the event Kannada Rajyotsava. Little did we know that kannada thirts would become our USP and get us where we are and would eventually take us to where we want to be ;)

We have had various others T Shirts in our hit list, but Kannada Tshirts are all at the top of our charts. 

There is a huge demand in the market for the kannada thsirts. Proof ? We have shipped more than thousand kannada tshirts in this short span. Guess what without advertisement of any sort. Instead of we finding the customers, Kannada fans have come to us. Looking at this tremendous response, we are planning to release one new design in kannada every 2 months.

Our fans love the fact that they can buy kannada tshirts online without paying anything upfront.  


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Naanu Kannadiga
₹ 499.00
Putani Agent
₹ 399.00